Although there are no special requirements, it is important to remember that you start your business first. Finding the best corporate structure for your accounting firm is key to success and helps minimize your tax burden and risk.

If you are interested in the exceptional results that a multi-award winning auditing firm like Kelly & Partners can achieve for your business, they are the perfect choice for you. We operate around ANZ and can provide financial advice to all types of individuals and businesses in the Sydney region. Kelly and Partners provides sophisticated entrepreneurs with a wide range of financial and accounting services as well as financial advisory services for individuals.

With ANZ experts in your corner, you can make the right decisions and accelerate your business life cycle more than you could ever have dreamed of. Whether it’s filing tax returns or managing your personal finances, a tax consultant is very beneficial when he’s on your team. The unique accounting approach of Azure Group enables them to support companies in planning for many years. We are aware that companies today need more than just auditors and are equipped to provide tailor-made services that meet the specific needs of their customers.

If you want to concentrate on other services of an audit firm, this is a necessary proof first of all. Many CPAs write off certain services because they know that this can quickly become untenable for customers. More advanced firms are moving toward a one-year round plan that allows them to expand services to current and future customers, and implies a partnership relationship that goes beyond the one touchpoint model per year. Although there are no standard fees, most audit firms have moved away from the traditional fee-for-service model and opted for a fixed fee model that allows for greater flexibility in the number of services available and the time each client has to spend.

While hourly and fixed fees are still being discussed for all aspects of the business, accounting and accounting are not included. There are market expectations about the pricing structure and almost everywhere a fixed fee is levied. So there are no standards to set, except to have the option of choosing a CPA that will prepare the taxes for you, or yourself – do it yourself.

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